Understanding Foreclosure Homes: A Complete Guide for Florida Property Owners at Risk

Losing your home to foreclosure can be painful. It’s an immensely stressful experience, making you—a homeowner—homeless and ruining your credit rating, as well. In fact, foreclosed homes were a visible symbol of the 2008 housing crisis, with the number of foreclosures hitting 2,330,483. Fortunately, the number of properties with foreclosure filings was a modest 324,237 … Continued

How to Sell Your Ugly House Fast in a Slow Real Estate Market

In a blog post, I wrote last year, I mentioned that a house typically stayed on the market for just 19 days in December 2021. The housing market actually had a breakout year in 2021. Clearly, it was a strong seller’s market then. But unfortunately, things haven’t been so rosy since, and the market has … Continued

Can You Leave Stuff Behind When You Sell Your House

As a general rule of thumb, things that are not bolted to the wall or floor are considered personal stuff. When you sell your house, leaving your personal stuff behind after the closing date can result in conflicts with the buyer. As much as possible, you should work with the buyer to avoid such a … Continued

5 Tips for Selling Inherited Property Fast

Inheriting a property is always nice. Some inherited properties, however, come with challenges. Most often, you inherit a property due to the passing of a relative. Let’s assume there’s no dispute about who the beneficiary of the property is. But there may still be a lot of outstanding routine maintenance work. When all this is … Continued

How to Sell Your House in 5 Days

The only thing that’s constant in life is change. A major life change is just one event away. It could be a financial crisis, sudden health breakdown, unexpected spouse death, divorce, work-related relocation, changing neighborhood, or even empty nest syndrome. All of them are personal crisis situations. And you might simply decide that you have … Continued

Ways to Selling Your Home Without a Realtor

What’s the biggest cost you’ll face when you sell your home? Of course, it’s the 6 percent real estate commission. Let me explain. Imagine you are selling your home for $350,000. A standard 3 percent listing commission will cost you $10,500. You’ll also need to pay the buyer’s agent a standard 3 percent commission. So … Continued

How to Sell Land by Owner

Selling vacant residential land is different from selling a home. The market dynamics for land are not the same as they are for a ready-to-move-in home. You need to understand the key differences first to sell land by owner successfully. Let’s look at them one by one: Land buyers and home buyers are different categories … Continued

5 Ways the Foreclosure of Your Miami House Will Impact You

Foreclosure occurs when, for whatever reason, agreed to payments for a mortgage loan and not being made in a timely and consistent manner. The reasons this can vary as widely as there are homeowners, from the sudden loss of life from a contributing family member, unexpected loss of income, or a myriad of other possibilities. … Continued

Why Can’t I Sell My House Fast, Miami?

It can get frustrating to sell my house fast Miami! Yes we know! But you want to know some of the most common reasons why house listings linger on the Miami market for long periods? People want to sell their house fast for various reasons but not everyone is lucky enough to do so. With … Continued

Inherited Property: Sell my House Fast Fort Lauderdale

If you’ve inherited property that you don’t want to deal with, you’re thinking “I want to sell my house fast, Fort Lauderdale” and just move on. The emotional and physical stress can take a toll in the aftermath of a loved one’s death. First comes funeral preparations, then gathering the friends and family, the burial, … Continued

Benefits if you Sell your House for Cash in Miami

Do you want to sell your house for cash in Miami, but don’t know how? It’s either you get an agent to list your property and find you a buyer or you find a buyer if you do decide to skip traditional listing. This means you will do all the work that an agent does, … Continued

Foreclosure Homes in Miami

In a May 2020 report, there were over 330,000 foreclosure homes in America. If you are facing financial hardships that are preventing you from making good on your mortgage, you’re not alone. Just like the thousands of homeowners who lost their homes, you need to understand what foreclosure means and what you can do about … Continued