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Case Study

What problem did Home Seller Heaven help you solve?

I was going through some really hard times. I had just lost my job and I was already behind on my mortgage payments. My bank sent me a pre foreclosure notice. If I didn’t pay the outstanding mortgage balance within the next two weeks, the bank was going to foreclose on my home. With three small children and my mother in law living in our home, I was getting nervous about being homeless. After speaking with our advisor, my wife and I decided that our best option was to sell the house and pay off the mortgage. We could then prevent our credit from getting completely ruined. We would also still have enough cash to pay three month’s rent on an apartment in our neighborhood.

After making the decision to sell the house, we started calling real estate and several “we buy houses for cash” companies, including Home Seller Heaven. After speaking to three realtors, we quickly realized that we were not going to be able to sell our house using a realtor. Each of the agents said that we’d need to make some costly repairs in order to sell the house. They also required a hefty 3% commission and couldn’t guarantee how long it would take for the house to sell. Given all these concerns, we knew our best option was to sell our home for cash.

Why did you choose to do work with Home Seller Heaven?

We made the decision to sell to Home Seller Heaven. Home Seller Heaven was the only option willing to give us 4 weeks until the closing date. In addition to being extremely flexible with the closing date, we also decided to go with Home Seller Heaven for many other reasons:

  • Amazing Communication Skills – fast and detailed responses to all of our questions, holding our hand throughout the entire process
  • One Stop Shop – They were able to help us find a new place to live

The process only lasted about four weeks from start to finish, even with our need for some time to find a new place to live. We were in constant communication via text, phone calls, or email. We always received responses right away and we always felt confident and positive about what was going on. In the end, thanks to Home Seller Heaven, everything really went according to plan. We received our money on time (1 day from signing the contract) and our closing happened one week early since we were able to find a new place to live much sooner than expected.

What was your favorite part about working with Home Seller Heaven?

What I enjoyed most with working with David and Cyd at Home Seller Heaven was their honesty and transparency throughout the entire process. We always felt like they really wanted to help us in the best way possible and they always made sure to explain everything we needed to know. I really did appreciate their patience and willingness to slow down and walk us through all the legalities in the purchase agreement and some of the confusing terminology used by the bank, the title company, and our new landlord.

What surprised you about working with Home Seller Heaven?

Home Seller Heaven went above and beyond for me, especially in my very tough financial situation, and provided us with referrals for moving companies and a handyman for our new home. Working with Home Seller Heaven was truly a one stop shop and they saved us so much time and stress getting ready for our move.

- Russel Martinez
Justin Garcia

Thank you for helping me get through a very difficult time. I really appreciate your patience and for taking the time to explain each step of the process. You gave me a very fair offer and you were very flexible with my closing date. Thanks again for all that you do!

- Justin Garcia