Customer Testimonial: Why Norvell Gainey Sold His House for Cash to Home Seller Heaven


My name is Norvell Gainey. I am very happy that I chose to do business with Home Seller Heaven. The following are 8 reasons I chose them over their competitors (this is the link to my testimonial on YouTube:

Home Seller Heaven Customer Testimonial

#1: Highest Offer Price

This was my family home for 50 years. I was emotionally attached to this place (I still am), and I expected a very good price for it. Since the house was very old, it would present the new owner with an option to renovate or extend. Based on this, I had a specific figure in mind.

I knew staging the house would be beneficial, as I would get a good offer. But the main problem was the house was quite old. Although it was a fully-functioning house, it needed a lot of small, decorative touches. I wasn’t interested in investing money in making these changes and preparing the house for staging. I simply didn’t have the time.

I got a couple of decent offers in the very first week. But the first buyer wanted at least a few months to close the deal. I was just considering this offer when another buyer came along with a higher offer price. This buyer, however, wanted us to move out before the closing date. That was out of the question, as my new home wouldn’t be ready by then. So I wanted to stay for at least a month after the closing date.

Things were looking uncertain. Then David Sinai of Home Seller Heaven made an offer that was too good to resist. I was very happy, as his offer was way higher than the other two offers I had received. I accepted David’s offer immediately.

#2: Post Occupancy

I knew that it would take at least six weeks for my new home to be ready. So the first thing I told David Sinai was that I wouldn’t be able to move out before the closing date. I also told him that I would need to stay on the property for up to one month after the closing date.

David Sinai is a wonderful person to do business with, and he quickly understood my situation. David readily agreed for me to stay on the property for one month after the closing date. I agreed to sign a post-closing occupancy agreement that would enable me to continue living in the home for up to one month after closing the sale. I was also able to work out a favorable date that would coordinate with the date on which my new home would be ready. The other thing is I decided to keep a margin of a few days to allow for any unexpected blips.

#3: Closing Date

I was keen on coordinating the closing date with my financial priorities. So, during the first meeting with David Sinai, I discussed the closing date that would be most convenient for me.

Considering the multiple offers I had received, David’s was the right one as he was ready to close the deal fast. The closing date that David offered was on a very short time frame. I could have closed earlier than I did, but I didn’t feel it was necessary. David was generous, flexible, and supportive. Other than making the highest offer price, David also allowed me to pick the closing date that was most convenient to me.

#4: Allowed My Uncle to Stay in the Unit as a Tenant

My uncle wanted to continue living on his side of the property after I moved out. So, I discussed this matter with David Sinai, and he agreed to allow my uncle to stay in his unit as a tenant. Recently, David and my uncle signed a rent agreement. This was really awesome. Actually, my uncle can stay as a tenant on the property for as long as he wants.

This is another important reason I chose to do business with David Sinai. My uncle has an emotional attachment to this house, and he simply wants to continue living there. He is very happy that David is renovating the property and has installed newer, more secure doors in my uncle’s unit.

#5: Assisted Me Through the Entire Process

People always complain about how stressful the process of selling their house and moving out was. But it was different for me. There was no stress at any time during the entire process, and I owe all that to David. Selling my home was a painless and enjoyable experience. Thanks, David, for responding to all my phone calls and answering all my questions so clearly. Overall, selling my home was an incredibly smooth and fun experience.

As a real estate investor, David is a true professional. He is not only friendly but also helpful, pleasant, polite, and punctual. It was very easy working with David, and he went the extra mile to ensure the whole transaction transitioned as smoothly as possible. He provided a clear, concise explanation of each step of the transaction.

All along, I had expected the closing process to be lengthy and intense. Fortunately, another positive feature of selling my home was that the closing package consisted of only a few documents that I had to sign. This was relatively quick work.

The overall experience of selling my home could not have been any better. I could also fulfill all my financial obligations on time with zero stress.

#6: Delivered on All Promises

I am really impressed with David Sinai’s over promise and over deliver strategy. David Sinai has done a wonderful job in fulfilling all his promises. His first promise was the price he offered for my home. He made the highest offer price. His second promise was that he would bear all the closing costs, which he did.

The good news is as the seller, I didn’t have to absorb any of the added costs that a seller normally has to bear. While it’s rather common that a seller shells out some charges to sell their house, I didn’t have to pay a cent as closing costs.

David’s third promise was the most important one for me. He promised to make the full payment within a specific date, which he did.

So if you want to sell your home, contact David Sinai of Home Seller Heaven. You can count on him to over deliver on his promises—whether it’s the price of your home, zero closing costs, or complete the transaction within a specific timeframe.

#7: Allowed Me to Leave Unwanted Belongings in the Property

I had a lot of unwanted things that had accumulated over several decades. This was to be expected as we had been living in this house for around 50 years. At the time I moved to my new home, I was unable to deal with moving all my unwanted belongings. I was really overwhelmed by the sheer volume of all the stuff and requested David to take care of disposing of all the items.

David kindly obliged, and eventually, the Home Seller Heaven team took care of disposing of all items. They did a good job of cleaning out all the unwanted items before my uncle moved in.

#8: No Pressure Style of Negotiation

Right from the outset, David was easy to work with. He was not pushy, and I loved his no-pressure style of negotiation. At no time did David force me to take any decision that would work against my financial and personal interests. I have to say that I had a fabulous and fast home selling experience.

I would confidently recommend David Sinai and the Home Seller Heaven team to anyone looking to sell their home.

If you need quick cash for your home, contact David Sinai of Home Seller Heaven. If you are looking to work with a real estate investor and sell your home, I promise you that your dreams will come true.

Thank you, Home Seller Heaven. I also thank David Sinai from the bottom of my heart. You guys are awesome.

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