Can You Leave Stuff Behind When You Sell Your House

As a general rule of thumb, things that are not bolted to the wall or floor are considered personal stuff. When you sell your house, leaving your personal stuff behind after the closing date can result in conflicts with the buyer. As much as possible, you should work with the buyer to avoid such a scenario. However, if it does occur despite your best efforts, take the necessary steps to deal with it amicably.

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The best approach is not to leave any of your stuff behind without asking. This is easier said than done. Perhaps, you are so used to seeing some items in a particular place. For instance, it could be a furniture piece that’s been in one place for several years. Consider the standalone toilet paper dispenser in the guest bathroom, art hanging on the walls, and the freestanding bookcase in the living room. You feel each of these items blended in perfectly with the space and belonged there. The truth, however, is the item belongs to you.

But when you sell your house to a real estate investor like Home Seller Heaven, you can leave stuff behind. This detailed blog covers what should sellers leave for buyers, can you sell a house with stuff in it, and can you leave stuff behind when you sell your house as-is.

#1: What Should Sellers Leave for Buyers?

Buyers might assume that everything they see on the property will be part of the sale and be included in it. This is a real problem. You need to address this issue right at the beginning by discussing what stays and what doesn’t. Make a detailed list. Specify the items you want to leave behind when you sell your house.

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As the seller, it’s always safe to be specific. Don’t use vague words like “possibly” or “most likely.” Make certain everything is documented in writing. Go the extra mile to avoid any confusion in the mind of the buyer. When a buyer makes an offer for your property, it’s crucial that they know the things that you’ll eventually take with you.

The point is when some items are removed, the authenticity of the space is affected and the value of your home might go down. From a buyer’s perspective, this is important. For example, when a premium chandelier or a pricey television is removed, it can negatively impact the price of your house.

Leave All Fixtures for the Buyer

Any item that is mounted, bolted, or nailed down is a fixture. Any personal property that you attach physically to the land or floor or wall by concrete, bolts, nails, screws, or other attachment method is considered a permanent fixture. Once attached, they become immovable elements of the house. They are now part of the real property. Similarly, let’s say you modify your house to fit an item flawlessly in a particular space. This item is now considered a fixture.

Let’s look at an example. You’ll need to leave all indoor or outdoor fixed gym equipment to the buyer. But not all fixtures are valuable. While the latest gym equipment can add value to your home, outdated exercise equipment is an eyesore. Not only is it unusable, but it’s also a waste of valuable space.

What about the Air-Conditioning Unit and Ceiling Fan?

If an air-conditioning unit is secured to the wall by bolts or screws, it is a fixture. Hence, you should leave this unit for the buyer. But a portable air-conditioning unit that is not fixed to the wall or floor is not a fixture. You don’t need to leave it for the buyer.

Similarly, a ceiling fan installation is also considered a fixture. If you have an exquisite ceiling fan that you want to take with you, replace it with an old one. But do it before you show the house to the buyer. Remember, you should leave all fixtures for the buyer even if you want them.

Tip #2: Can You Sell a House with Stuff in It?

Yes, of course.

It’s quite possible that you can sell all your stuff for extra cash. Imagine the buyer wants to rent out your house quickly. Then they would be very happy if you were willing to sell your house with furniture and fixtures. It would make their work so much easier. And you could save a lot of money on renting a storage unit.

It’s a great deal for the buyer too as they get a fully furnished house with all appliances, furniture, white goods, lamps, rugs, curtains, etc. (But most buyers would be reluctant to buy a used sofa or mattress.) All you need to do is make a list of all your personal items and add this list to the paperwork of the property. Discuss the price of the items and add this amount to the sale price of your home.

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Figure Out the Best Method to Price Your Stuff When Selling Your House

Decorating a home is time-consuming and expensive. It can certainly hurt to sell your valuable stuff at a discount. Research a bit and do the calculations on the real worth of your furniture. Determine the value of your home without all your personal stuff first. That’s really important.

Price all your stuff separately. The common items that a buyer would be interested in purchasing with your house include a deep freezer, refrigerator, oven, pedestal table, folding chair, storage ottoman, computer desk, coffee table, window blinds, and curtains. Dig up any receipts for your purchases.

Are you leaving furniture when selling house? There’s some good news. The recent surge in furniture prices after the pandemic has cooled down is a positive factor. Anyhow, you need to consider the wear and tear and charge less for items that appear worn out. You might not fully recoup your investment. But offering all your stuff—or part of it that you don’t want—is a good idea. This strategy might help you sell your home faster and reduce your moving costs drastically.

Many homeowners spend a small fortune to stage their homes. But if you have good taste, it’s not necessary to stage your home. Just ensure your home is clean and uncluttered. You can easily gain the same benefits without incurring any additional cost.

Tip #3: Can You Leave Stuff Behind When You Sell Your House As Is?

In real estate terminology, selling your house as-is means, you can sell your house in the condition it is in. You don’t need to carry out any repairs before you sell. The buyer is aware of the condition of your home and they have agreed to buy it as it is.

Imagine you inherit an old house. You may not have the time and money to renovate the house and sell it for top dollar. You wouldn’t want to be bothered with repairs and renovations. Instead, you’d like to sell it quickly. This is where selling a house as is can be beneficial.

Leave Your Stuff As Is

The biggest advantage of selling a house as-is compared with a conventional home sale is that you don’t need to make the house look good to sell it for a higher price. You also don’t have to update and repair anything.

Sell your house with stuff

You are probably wondering, “Can you sell a house with everything in it?” Yes, you can do just that. The house you are selling may not even be yours. And when you sell your house fast, there are fewer hassles. For one, you don’t need to make certain the house is fully empty. You also don’t need to clean it. 

Depending on your convenience, you can handle the situation as you want. If you want to leave stuff behind when you sell your house as is, you can leave everything and move. Record your preference in the contract. If it’s clearly stated that you desire to leave behind stuff in the house, the buyer will go ahead with the purchase only if they are agreeable to your terms.

In this situation, you don’t need to clean the house or move anything out. If the buyer agrees, you can leave all your stuff behind. At Home Seller Heaven, we buy houses for cash and are used to buying houses in this condition. Many sellers leave their houses as is, and it isn’t an issue. Still, wondering how to sell my house fast Miami?

In Summary

When you sell your house the traditional way, you’ll need to take your stuff with you. You can’t leave any of your stuff behind. Your house also needs to be clean and empty. Getting your house to this condition could be a huge time suck and expensive, as well. Besides, moving stuff from one state to another may not be worth the trouble. But real estate investors are different. They can ease the task of clearing your stuff by doing it for you. You can quickly sell your house as-is for cash and move on.

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