Why Can’t I Sell My House Fast, Miami?

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It can get frustrating to sell my house fast Miami! Yes we know! But you want to know some of the most common reasons why house listings linger on the Miami market for long periods?

People want to sell their house fast for various reasons but not everyone is lucky enough to do so. With a traditional market listing, it can take between a few months to years to successfully close a deal. So imagine all the time spent entertaining house viewings, negotiating with potential buyers who decide on a different property. If you suddenly relocated for work, you’re left paying for the house and your new residence. If you’re trying to sell because you can’t afford the dues anymore, then your bills are just piling up. 

In this article, let’s talk about 6 reasons why you’re having an extra difficult time to cash in on your property. With this list, you can make informed decisions about your house selling. Sometimes, there can be more than one problem with your property. So, go through this list and see which applies to you. Knowing the cause can help you create solutions. Finally, I can sell my house fast Miami!

Your Miami House is Overpriced

The worst mistake you can make when trying to sell your Miami house fast for cash is to price it higher relative to similar properties listed on the market. Even buyers who are rushing to find a new place still do their research about the market. You need to know the current value of the houses in your area so you can sell your house at a fair price, for you and the buyer as well.

Depending on your urgency, you might want to consider selling it a little lower than the current value of properties in your area. This can help entice the customers to consider your property. Lowering your selling price can help sell your house faster, especially since it can attract people who are on a tight budget. However, even if you’re rushing, make sure you are not selling it at a loss. Don’t negotiate or bargain with people who want to take advantage of your situation. You should consider all the fees and taxes you will need to pay.

Outdated House in Miami?

Sell My House Fast Miami

Some “old” houses, especially those that are well-maintained or preserved, can have high value in the market. Many people have high regard for antiques and historic designs and architecture. This doesn’t mean that the old, worn down wallpaper in your living room adds value to your home. And that old squeaky kitchen door? It’s a turnoff to people viewing your house.

Know the difference between outdated and antique. Is the facade of your house alluring? Both the inside and outside of your home should be appealing to the market, not repelling. Even if you’re rushing to sell it, make sure it doesn’t seem like you’re just disposing of it. Sell your Miami house fast by staying relevant and maintaining the condition of your house. 

Bad Advertising of your House

One factor that affects how fast a house is sold is how it’s being advertised. Before you can secure those house viewings, you need to invite people who are browsing on the online market listing. How do I sell my house fast Miami? First, your listing needs to be convincing, otherwise people won’t be interested to even look at your house. This includes both the copy of the house description and the visuals of your house. Mediocre house photos may not be enough nowadays, especially since many real estate agents maximize professional photographs or renderings of the houses they are selling. There’s a certain appeal professionally-taken photographs have on buyers.

However, even photos you or your agent take can be enough, with the right photo editing and retouching. Companies like Picsera can help you get picture-perfect real estate images. The visuals need to be appealing, as it’s the first thing people literally look at when they are shopping for a house online.

You Skipped on Some Repairs 

Sell My House Fast Miami

I want to sell my house fast Miami, so I don’t have time for repairs! Okay, we understand, but this doesn’t mean that it’s excusable to dismiss the necessary repairs. You don’t need to renovate your house just to be able to sell it. Things like broken plumbing are very problematic, because you need to make sure that the basic needs can be met with the house. Buyers are usually looking for homes they can move into quickly. At the back of their minds, they don’t want too much responsibility with their new purchase, so their expectations could be high.

Another issue with non-repairs is that it can cost you significant dollars. Buyers often ask for discounts and charge the cost of these repairs to the selling price of your house, often at higher costs than if you took care of them. And if after the purchase they encounter a problem with the property, whether you intentionally withheld the information or not, you can still end up in court. Even if you didn’t know such an issue existed with the house, the buyer can still bring the matter up to court and cost you more dollars.

If it’s an old house that no one has been inhabiting for years, then it’s probably already infested with many issues and problems. This can become trickier to sell, because aside from it being outdated and unappealing, there are probably countless numbers of repairs needed.

Miami House Staging

I want to sell my house fast Miami, but the viewers don’t seem to appreciate it after their visit. Why could it be?

As previously mentioned, advertising is very important when trying to sell anything. You’re not trying to sell something you like, you’re trying to sell something you want people to like. This means you need to convince people that they want your property. Well, not everyone has the same taste in interior design, so your favorite red-printed wallpaper might not be appealing to someone else’s eyes. Too much clutter can also repel the buyers. The best thing to do is to remove your personal items, especially those that look out of place and ruin the frame. 

Many agents do staging to help the market imagine the house as their own. This helps potential buyers create a vision for when they move in after purchase. Moving all your stuff can take so much time and effort. Nowadays, many use virtual staging instead, where professional editors can remove the items inside your house using software. You can also manipulate the color scheme of your floors or walls without necessarily doing it in real life. This can help you save significant time and dollars. 

Seller’s Availability

Aside from factors stemming from the nature of your house to the efforts and skills of your agent, it could also be your fault.. How is it my fault that I can’t sell my house fast Miami?

Listing traditionally with a real estate agent means you need to commit your time and effort to house viewings, too. You need to be available to entertain potential buyers, or at least have your house be available for these viewings. If you and your family are still living in the house and it’s not always available for viewings, you might just lose the interest of the potential buyers.

Remember that you’re not the only one selling a house today. People have many options, and they will want to strike a deal with someone professional and available.

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