How Do I Sell My House Fast in Miami Without Spending Thousands on Repair Costs?

Sell My House Fast in Miami

What are my Options If I want to Sell my House Fast in Miami?

Maybe you’re asking around “what’s the fastest way to sell my house fast in Miami. Many homeowners are on the fence between working with a real estate agent and listing it on the market or selling it directly to a buyer. Working with an agent means you get all the help and assistance you need, minus a percentage of the sales for commissions. On the other hand, selling it directly means you get 100% of the sales price. However, this also means you are responsible for everything that your agent would otherwise handle. There are benefits to choosing either, so you have to choose what you are willing to sacrifice: time and effort selling it directly, or paying sales commissions working with an agent?

If working with an agent seems more appealing to you, then you should know the other downside to it.. You most probably will need to make all the home repairs you’ve been putting off all this time. So other than commission costs, you also need a few thousands in repair costs. When you are listing it in the market, such as MLS and other online sites, curb appeal plays a huge role in its marketability. Many people going through the listings are looking for a home that they can immediately move into. Not everyone looking to buy a house is willing to spend more money and time on the repairs that should have been taken care of. Even your real estate agent will urge you to make those repairs to get more house viewings.

Are you now having second thoughts about how you’re going to sell your house fast in Miami, FL? Well, there’s a third option that we haven’t discussed yet- selling it to a professional buyer such as Home Seller Heaven. Skip all the repair costs but still get a fair offer for your home. Professional buyers handle everything for you after the agreement is settled. No more waiting, no more open house events, no  more bargaining, and no more extra costs- doesn’t that sound nice? After all, moving on to the next chapter of your lives should bring you excitement, not problems.

Stop contemplating  “how can I sell my house fast in Miami without the extra costs”. Read on to know more about how selling directly can save you thousands of dollars.

Fluctuating Cost of Supplies

Sell My House Fast in Miami

I want to sell my house fast in Miami for the most cash, so I’ll just get on with the repairs. Do you really think once you’ve decided to spend money on repairs, it will be smooth sailing from there? For one, you should be ready for the stress of fluctuating supplies costs. For example, the cost of lumber skyrocketed starting the summer of the pandemic because of the dynamics of supply and demand. Many people seeked to own their own homes which saw an increase in demand for materials such as lumber. People also made use of the time they had to make the necessary repairs for their own homes. In fact, the price of lumber is about 280% higher than it was before the pandemic. This means the overall cost of construction increased too, by about 30-40%. If you try asking for a quotation from your contractor for your repairs, you’ll notice that the estimated cost they give usually comes with a deadline. They might give you a few days to decide to accept the contract price because the cost of the supplies fluctuate often. Even when you decide to DIY some of your repairs, your projected budget might not be enough once you go on your shopping. If you don’t have enough money yet, you’ll keep pushing back on the repairs. If you push back on the repairs, you’ll let the property sit and delay the sale. 

Avoid Unexpected Repair Costs

Sell My House Fast in Miami

Okay, so you think you have enough to cover the estimated repair costs. Did you know that once construction starts, there’s almost always more repairs than anticipated? Once the professionals really get to it, it’s likely they will find something else that’s needing repairs. Midway through the project, there could be other problems that weren’t part of the original plan, and more often than not these are complicated, serious issues. Even the best and most experienced professionals don’t have the foresight to accurately plan for what repairs will be needed. You need a contingency plan because surprise repairs and costs are inevitable. The added repair costs can range from 10% more (which is the advisable allowance) up to 50% more, which you might not be financially prepared for. Once the repairs start and more money is needed, what then? Do you just stop in the middle of construction, with all the mess in the house? Or do you forego the additional repairs you didn’t plan for? 

Sell at a Fair Price

Sell your house

Listing your house as is on the market will get you few to no house viewings, because most people are looking for an aesthetically pleasing house that is ready for move-in. Even when you get potential buyers to look at the house, they will use this to ask for huge discounts and even lowball you. When they negotiate the price with you, they’ll overinflate the repair costs and you won’t have any leverage to use to decline. Any counter offer you make, they can reject because the state of disrepair greatly reduces the upfront value of your home. Be ready for the waiting game if you list an old house without making all the necessary repairs. Say you do manage to come to an agreement with the buyer and you successfully close off the deal. There’s a slim chance that in the near future, you might face a lawsuit because of any damage the disrepair of the house can cause the new family. Whether they win the suit or not does not matter, because it’s the hassle that will get the most to you. 

Home Seller Heaven Will Help You Save Thousands

Okay, fine, the only option left to sell my house fast in Miami is to sell it directly. It’s not your only option, but it’s probably the best option for you. Selling it directly to professional buyers and investors will help you get the most value for your house. You won’t need to pay any commissions, you’ll receive the full amount you sell it for. You will also skip all the stress of planning and watching over the repairs. “I need to sell my house fast in Miami because I need the money.” If that’s your scenario then you probably don’t have the financial means to make those repairs anyway, right? And even if you’re in a rush to sell your Miami house, you wouldn’t want to sell it for such a discounted price. Home Seller Heaven can help you save on thousands of repair costs and will even handle the entire process for you. Selling it to us is like working with a real estate agent, because you won’t handle the paperwork, but it’s also like selling directly, because there are no hidden fees on our part. The best thing about Home Seller Heaven buying your house is we will buy it, as is! You don’t have to make any repairs or upgrades at all, because we handle that after the sale is made. 

Contact Home Seller Heaven now to get a no-obligation quote and expand your options for selling your house. We’ll discuss with you how easy it is to sell directly to us, and we can be done with it in as easy as 1, 2, 3. Contact us now at (305) 239-5230!

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