5 Great Online Resources For Homeowners Who Are Ready To Sell Their House Fast for Cash in Miami

Miami Charity for Donations for Moving Out

Are you planning to sell your house for cash in Miami? Hold your horses, there are a couple of things you should consider before you let go of your home. Aside from selling your house and buying a new one to move into, what about your stuff? Where does it go, how do you move them?

Aside from your furniture, what about the mortgage on your new home? It might be a little over budget, so how about increasing the current value of your home? Selling it high can give you more wiggle room for your budget. In this article, we will provide you with the best list of resources you will need before the move, such as contractors, charities, moving services, and mortgage calculators. 

Don’t know how these online resources will help make your move smoother? Watch David’s short video summarizing the contents of this blog: Great Resources for Your Home-Selling Journey

Important Resources for Selling Your House Fast in Miami

Keep reading through all the sections to find out more and to better prepare for your move! Use this guideline to help you sell your house fast in Miami, FL. Keep this handy during the entire process.

Contractor Reviews

Online Resources For Homeowners

Closeup of bricklayer hands holding hardhat and construction equipment. Detail of mason man hands holding work gloves and wearing tool kit on waist. Handyman with tools belt and artisan equipment.

Some people just know their home’s worth and don’t want to sell it at a lower price than their expectations. Getting all those long-due repairs can increase the value of your home instantly. Upgrading certain rooms or areas in your home can also help you sell your house at a higher price. All the little things matter- from the plumbing, to the wall paint, to the gardening. If you have the luxury of time and budget, explore the different aspects of your home that need improvement. Sell your house for cash in Miami at a higher price with such renovations.

Angie’s List is a great place to find trusted contractors in your area. You will be able to find people who are licensed and insured to make all the required repairs needed to get your house ready for the MLS. Whether you are looking for a trusted plumber, painter, or house cleaner, Angie’s List will provide the resources you need to get the job done. You’ll also find that Angie’s List will be of great use after you move into your new home!

Home Advisor is another great site for finding contractors in your area. All vendors are fully screened with a criminal background check and license verification. These sites will let you find everything from someone to make major structural repairs to someone who will come in and stage your home. Working with trusted professionals will save you time and money and ensure nothing goes wrong on the house you are selling or on the one you are planning to buy.

Places To Donate

Online Resources For Homeowners

While you’re looking to sell your Miami house fast, you might want to take some time and go through all your stuff. Before moving, you’ll be packing all your stuff, deciding what you’re taking and what you’re leaving behind. Bringing literally everything is impossible, and it just doesn’t make sense. For one, you’re going to start anew so you won’t bring every old, broken, useless junk in your house. Second, it will cost tenfold more to move all your stuff from point Old House to point New House. For the items that are still salvageable, why not look for new homes for them as well?

While Goodwill and The Salvation Army may be the places you think of first when donating items, there are a number of great ways you can donate the items you don’t plan on taking with you when you move. Anything you don’t plan to bring with you to your new home that is still in good condition can be sent to Miami Rescue Mission. You can donate women’s clothing and lady products to shelters dedicated to homeless women and children, such as Lotus House. You can even donate your old children’s items and books there, or to local libraries, schools, and daycares. Many of the things you are getting rid of may be useful to schooling kids. 

For specific advocacies, you can check out Florida Breast Cancer Foundation, where your donations will support research and education of the illness. Another good foundation you can look at is Out of the Closet Thrift Store, where 96 cents of every dollar they earn from reselling donated items go to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. This foundation has been providing free HIV/AIDS services to people for over 30 years in hundreds of cities and locations.

For more ideas on places where to donate, visit the Miami Mom Collective.

Mover Comparisons

Resources For Homeowners

After deciding what to bring, what to donate, and what to leave behind (in the trash bin), it’s time to plan the move. When you’re looking to rent or hire a mover, consider the distance you will be traveling and the size and weight of the items you will be bringing. You may just need a trailer for a few hours or you may need to hire a moving company to help you get your belongings across the country. Before deciding how you want to move, be sure to check out all of your available options.

If you have “junk” you need to dispose of because you’re downsizing, consider hiring Two Men and a Truck. They offer various moving services but also clean-out services, which not all moving service companies offer. As a top-rated local moving service company, Suddath has been trusted by homeowners since 1952. Whether you’re moving nearby, long-distance, or even internationally, they have the perfect deal for you. Just ready your wallets, though- whether you go with a small or big moving company, hiring movers will set you back a couple of thousand dollars. 

If you’re on a tight budget, you can consider doing it yourself. Renting a truck through Miami rental companies like Penkse will help move your items to your new home for a fraction of the cost. You can also consider U-Save Car and Truck Rental if you’re moving items that can fit up to a small truck. Get a free quote on their website and decide whether the hassle and the slow drive is worth the dollars you can save when you go DIY.

Mortgage Calculators


Many people who are thinking “I need to sell my house fast in Miami” are most probably looking to buy a new one. You’ll want to know exactly what you can afford so you don’t get in over your head or find yourself without a place to live after your current property sells. There are many great mortgage calculators out there that can help you get a handle on your numbers. If you know how much you are selling your current house for, it will be easier to know just how much you’ll be able to put down. If you’re looking to scale up your home, take a peek at how much savings you have and you might be able to buy that dream house. If you’re looking to scale down, you could end up with more in your bank!

The only way to get a close estimate of what to expect for your mortgage is by using specialized mortgage calculators for Miami houses. Try Trulia’s mortgage calculator- it’s easy to use and generates your estimated amortization instantly. You can even connect with one of their agents for assistance in your next home purchase. Another free mortgage calculator you can look at is Mister Loans. Get pre-qualified and find the best lender out there for you! 

P.S. don’t forget to look for all the possible ways on how you can get maximum savings on your next home purchase. These mortgage calculators may have some tips for you

Home Seller Heaven

Many home sellers want to avoid making repairs, paying out commissions, or having to deal with the extended holding costs. Unfortunately, home buyers are now becoming pickier so don’t expect that you can sell it directly in the market as is. Lucky for you, Home Seller Heaven can help you with this. We buy houses for cash in Miami without asking for any upgrades or repairs to be made. In fact, you won’t even have to clean up! We buy houses in any condition and everything that it comes with, both the pretty and the ugly. This means we will handle trash that may be hard to dispose of. 

Working with our team will eliminate the costs and stress homeowners often face when attempting to sell their homes. We pay great prices and will close at your convenience. For many local home sellers, working with Home Seller Heaven to sell their unwanted home proves to be the better option!

We’re one of your best options if you want to sell your Miami house fast for cash. Some would even call us a “lifesaver”, especially if the house is on the verge of foreclosure. At this point, selling your house fast will save you from losing thousands of dollars on the value of your home. During the pre-foreclosure period, you can still sell your house before it gets repossessed or sold off at an auction. You can sell to us your beloved home at fair prices so you can pay off your lender. 

Putting your property on sale directly to the market can take you up to several months, or sometimes even years! If you don’t have that luxury of time to wait, Home Seller Heaven’s here to take your stress away.

These are just some of the few trusted resources that will be useful for your home selling journey. 

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